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It got better and better as I watched it.

It seemed a tad retared at first, but then got better with the amount of times I let it loop :P
PEAB0 is an absolutely awesome animator and you are one catchy song writer.
I love the Ren and Stimpy styled girls by the way.

It's about time!

That you post something new!
I didn't like it quite as much as some others, but it was still nice to see some Jerry Jackson film.

Fun :)

I love penguins too. Rainbow puke, yes it's that cool. I can't really review this, there's nothing review. But yeah It's cool.
By the way for anyone wondering the song is J'ai Pas Vingt Ans by Alizée (Benny Benassi remix of course)

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That's exactly what I thought!

Mrdiver, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's seen that movie :)
Some have said this is Metroid mixed with Dead Space, but I disagree. It lacks the fast paced, sheer thrill of running around shooting up creatures that Metroid has. This is more slow paced and stead, with a more solid storyline and a bit more passive. Not that that's a bad thing though! It's way more of an Event Horizon/Dead Space crossbreed. If you haven't seen the movie (Event Horizon) you really should it's a good film. I enjoyed this game thoroughly. Some Graphic violence and horror themes. I think Sergei moves a little slow and the bosses were way to easy, but everything else was great. Also, maybe making the up arrow key button point the gun upwards and space be for jumping. Firing the gun with Ctrl maybe? Anyway, good game. I had fun.

well well.

To avoid being to repetitive I'm just gonna list the problems I noticed. Jumping into/ through platforms, very silly physics. The hitscan was awkward. The first time I played a bit I jumped up and nothing happened. After I died and was sent back to the beginning I did the same exact jump and part of the roof hit me. I'm just wondering why it hit the the second time and not the first.
I think you should at least credit the original game in the description, you know as your muse or something? All in all it was somewhat glitchy and actually more frustrating then the original due to the wonky scripting.


This happens to me a lot while I'm doing things in parallel with playing games on Newgrounds. The cure you may ask? Try clicking on the game screen.
Now the game. It was an "ok" game. The movement was extremely sporadic which made it hard to fight the enemies. The enemies had far to much health (in my opinion) and when they'd hit you, you lost to much health.
You deserved the award you got and the front page.
Good job, Over all

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Pretty awesome!

I always liked well done 8-bit songs. It's kinda my soft spot :D
Great job!
P.S Maybe a tutorial for famitracker? I've tried to figure out how to use it, but it never turns out, well near decent :P

midimachine responds:

hey thanks

this was sequenced *mostly* in FL, i used famitracker just to make sure that the articulations i was using were actually possible with proper 8-bit music.

A chill song.

Great to headbob too with a great piano breakdown. Great for listening to in general, good idea on the homework though!
As usual, you rule blah blah blah. :)

ObsidianSnow responds:

Hooray! Thanks, Scelestic.

Nothing could be better...

Nothing could be finer...

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Don't try to fly that plane!
I love Johnny Gat. Well done.

These are fucking awesome.

I love you. Teach me your ways.

To be honest, it looks traced.

It really does. To top it off, it isn't a very well done trace either. Please create your own drawings.

I like to party. Let's party right now.


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